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Because the Sun is what supplies the Earth with light and warmth, it is representative of Jesus Christ, not just in nature, but also in this website. All of this is inspired by and dedicated to The Sn of God - the root of good in word and indeed.

This is a hobby website, designed primarily with (desk/lap)top computer users in mind. If you're using a computer, clickable links generally change the mouse to a pointing hand when over them. If there is a word on a web page that's not a link and you want to know what it means, just double-click on it. It's all to inspire, support and put at ease. This website is all about development - physical, intellectual, spiritual and creative.


Skills offered include, but are not limited to; divine healing, spiritual support, offline web apps and strength-training and/or bodybuilding using just the body. Click here for details.


All thanks only to Yah, I'm a righteous, creative, wise, strong and muscular spiritual warrior, man and ambassador of him. I typically feel the need to express only when nervous and/or moved and like encouraging people, volunteering countless hours working on this website, for you :) and really need people to make others aware of much needed financial support for myself. You see, I can't mentally handle the stress of manual work, which is all that's available, as stress triggers mental illness. In the past, working in such ways has snowballed into hospitalization twice. I both deserve and need compensation for the pouring out of my heart in meticulous and constant re-working of language on behalf of mostly complete strangers who benefit from the kindness found in my website. This page includes everything I'm looking for in a mate.


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