This page is for introducing a book, named Codex. It's online literature unlike any other; a form of net art. The text is automatically generated by an AI, based information carried in the link, word lists, sentence patterns and rules.

You can change the settings, word lists and/or sentence patterns, so that various words are used, and different lines of text are created, making your own book.

The default words are from memorable conversations I've had with people I care about and/or ones that I simply enjoy.

It's similar to a choose-your-own-adventure book, except with interestingly vague sentences, when using the default settings.

To use it on a modern Android phone, first, on your phone, go to settings > general > apps > your browser, as in Firefox or Chrome > permissions > storage > enable. Next, download a zip file extractor from Google Play onto your phone. Then use the download link at the bottom of this page, and extract the downloaded zip file's contents to a folder you can easily remember. Finally, open the internet browser on your phone, and type in "file:///sdcard/", followed by the path and filename of the extracted HTML file on your phone into the address/search bar at the top.

You may read the text or get a copy.

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