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This page uses software certified for securing top secret information for governments around the world and both makes and handles links containing encrypted, or password-protected data. You can use it to secure files on your computer, online communication and/or lists of passwords where you only need to remember one to encrypt and decrypt the others. The primary algorithm that the data is processed by has been mathematically proven to be unbreakable. Password generation requires AMR to be in the same folder as this web page. Storage of data in an image requires Stealth Data Processor to be in the same folder also.

You can program the pages execution using the query string part of the URL, or link, that took you here. Use "d="[text] to set data to [text]. Don't use this feature for plaintext.

Encryption Overview
First, a cryptographically secure pseudorandom nonce, computed from a SHA3-512 of the time and mouse tracking, along with the strengthened secret is made. Next, a One-time Key is generated from 1000 iterations of a HMAC-SHA3-512 of the secret and the nonce. Then, a SHA3-512 of the original data is computed and placed in front of the data. All that is then encrypted using a OTP, or One-time Pad. Each time the end of the key is reached, a SHA2-512 and SHA3-512 mixture of the last key along with the nonce, is used to generate the new key. After that, the nonce is encrypted using the OTP, utilizing the secret and a SHA3-512 and SHA2-512 mixture of the secret, and all that is put behind the software version. This is all then placed in front of the ciphertext. Finally, everything is encoded as Base64, and then line breaks are inserted every 57 characters.

Algorithm Source Code

@ 0% strength
Memorize this, instead of storing it. Only share the secret securely with intended recipient(s), if any - no one else.

Importable from a link or file, it is either plaintext, which is intelligible, before encryption, or ciphertext, meaning password-protected.

Some file types won't properly decrypt.

Data length is 0 character(s).

Download the data.

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