Swaying strangers in transit return my curiosity in their gazing before I

Realize that "this is a dream, and however it may, I should let it go"

Wandering lazily along a grassy road between hill and lake two

Or three familiar-looking strangers are noticed, representative of

Little ones I passed by earlier on the way to home before sleep

Walking further leads me to my suitcase laying openly exposed

In the water looking far-off and translucent, a jellyfish-like shape

Is drifting toward the light in the sky, shining downward, or perhaps

The sun peeks in from outside the window into my sleep-drawn eyes as

Lightning silently ripples dreamt liquid in strong, blue light near the cabin

At the end of the path where I lucidly began exploring the limits of these forms.

Dream recorded Sunday July 25 of 2010 @ 6:09 AM.
Andrew M. Roberts © 2013-present
All rights reserved