God's Armoury

This is intended to be a tool for encouragement, guidance and spiritual warfare. Below are links which contain bible verses addressing various things that one might go through. Underlined white text is for clicking. Click on what applies to you and associated, encouraging verses or a video will show. Some of the words of the verses are Christ's very own and they are all for you :) "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" — Sun Tzu. You can invoke angelic help by speaking these into situations of others and your own, if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ according to the bible. "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by The Word of God" — Romans 10:17. When you speak The Word, you also hear it, which gives you more faith. Only the particular combination and ordering of verses used are copyrighted, not their contents. The download link at the bottom gives you this web page in a zip file for free to use offline, or even on your phone, and can be freely sent and shared with anyone you like.

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God's or your faith(fulness)


Tactics - video
Healing - video
Guidance - video
Words - video
Courage - video
Saving - video
Relationship advice - video
Parenting insight
Income and/or food


Lost or confused - video
Unloved - video
Unattractive - video
Poor - video
Weak or inadequate - video
Insecure, worried, tense or afraid - video
Alone, hurt or sad - video
Unforgiven, condemned or ashamed - video
Worn out or tired
Angry - video


Sorrow - video
Danger - video
Problems or burdens - video
Suffering or abuse
Sinful pride
Selfish drive
God's standard
A difficult time - video
Any kind of lack
Loss of life - video

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