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This is a 8 or 20-minute(s)-per-day, high intensity, metabolic, strength-training, bodybuilding and fat loss program, based entirely on tension with and without motion exercises and modified eating, that is safe for people of any age. You can expect to grow about 20 pounds of muscle in the first 4 weeks of use. If you have any pain, mobility or circulatory problems, show this program to your doctor, telling them you want to try it. This form of training protects from injury, as the joints and tendons are nourished with blood during tension, reinforcing them, as well as lowers blood sugar and pressure and develops myelin. Myelin is the protective sheath around nerves, like plastic surrounding wires. More myelin means nerve signals are faster, stronger, and don't leak as much into surrounding tissue. Static exercise has been shown to increase bone density also. This form of training is the same as what strength legends like The Great Gama, Alexander Zass and Bruce Lee trained with daily, except with this, you only need your body. If you are an employer of labourers, imagine all of them progressing to the point of being able to carry a 150+ pounds of weight without straining, and how much money that would save you. Recovery exercises work because motion under tension concentrates hormones responsible for muscle growth and strength in the target(s) during training, not unlike blood-flow restriction or Kaatsu training. Participants shouldn't strain themselves other than the exercises here, or development could stop or even regress due to over-training. The eating guide is for both fat loss and muscle-building. It is max because the results are maximum muscle, speed-strength, endurance and fat loss. There are no studies saying range of motion has any impact on strength or size development, and it's doubtful there never will be.

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Schedule and Status

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Zig Zagging 1 Meal A Day

Avoid processed foods and simple carbs on low days. Simple carbs include sugar, bread, pastry, pasta, juice and soft drinks. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Women only need 20-40 grams of protein, men 40-60, 4× daily, once roughly every 4 hours. 1 egg has 6 grams of protein, so if they were your only source of protein, you'd need 10 of them each sitting, if male, 7 if female. Or, you could simply get a 400g tub of Allmax BCAA, and take 2 rounded teaspoons of it the same frequency and count as the multiple eggs, which would cost far less. BCAAs are building blocks of protein, and thus can be used right away, instead of needing to break down protein. They also build more muscle faster, and Allmax BCAAs have no unnecessary additives. Each day, aside from protein intake, eat half as much for breakfast and lunch, until it's only water. Then, have only water throughout the day, until 2-3 hours before bed, then eat 1 big meal. Eat this only until you're much more thirsty than hungry. Eat half as much on low days as high ones. This is not a diet, but a life-long eating style. Only go off this once you've reached your fat-loss goal, or for health reasons.

Daily Foods

DrinksPure water, sugar-free coffee and tea
Fruits and vegetablesFresh and raw
ProteinLean protein (no more than 6 ounces); sashimi, eggs, plain yogurt, cheese; BCAAs
Fats1-3 tablespoons of saturated only; coconut, MCT or extra virgin olive oil
NutsRaw; 1 handful only, preferably almonds, instead of lean protein, during the afternoon hours
CarbsOatmeal, potatoes, rice, bananas; only on high days


DaysHigh or low?



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Melven Jones
"Doing Andrew's program made my forearms bigger, it really works. I gained 1 inch on each of them in 2 weeks."

Tara Koshman
"My chiropractor told me that isometrics are the best way to exercise a strained area. It works and is what physiotherapists are trained to do. I would completely trust what Andrew is saying about his training techniques. He reads and practices it and has become quite strong using them. I trust it."


Use of any of this fitness system implies acceptance of the following agreements:
  1. Liability
    1. You agree that Andrew M. Roberts are not responsible for any health problems associated with the program, and thus
    2. You waive the right to pursue legal action against Andrew M. Roberts.
  2. Confidentiality
    1. You will not disclose any of the exercises of the program, except the active recovery ones, or to your doctor, and
    2. For every count breaching this agreement, you will pay Andrew M. Roberts the equivalent in Canadian money of
    3. The greater of

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