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This is a free, 6-minutes-per-day high intensity strength-training and fat loss program, based entirely on static, or tension without motion exercises and modified eating, that is safe for people of any age. Target(s) refer(s) to the muscle(s) being worked on. If you have any pain, mobility or circulatory problems, show this program to your doctor, telling them you want to try it. This form of exerercise protects from injury, as the joints and tendons are nourished with blood during tension, as well as lowers blood sugar and pressure and develops myelin. Myelin is the protective sheath around nerves, like plastic surrounding wires. More myelin means nerve signals are faster, stronger, and don't leak as much into surrounding tissue. This form of training is the same as what strength legends like The Great Gama, Alexander Zass and Bruce Lee trained with daily, except with this, you only need your body. If you are an employer of labourers, imagine all of them progressing to the point of being able to carry a 150-pound load without straining, and how much money that would save you. Participants shouldn't strain themselves other than the exercises here, or development could stop or even regress due to over-training. The eating guide is merely an option for those that wish to lose fat.

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weeks between training periods.
As you become stronger, your body will need more time for development between training sessions. As soon as your progess in strength slows, add another week. This is why measurements are important. Check your strength before each power session using a bathroom scale with your grip, and if your strength isn't greater than last time, add another week between training sessions.

Do the exercises as listed each day, alternating between power and endurance each week. Power sets last 7 mississippis, and endurance 60. A 4 mississippi period to relax and inhale follows each contraction. Feel free to do the exercises standing, sitting or laying down. During the entire contraction time, forcefully exhale under throat, tongue and/or lip resistance for power, or breathe in a relaxed way for endurance or if gasping for air, using your ribcage for either. This is to prevent high blood pressure, which could possibly lead to a heart attack. Relax and inhale after the 7th mississippi for power, or breathe at a relaxed speed and amount for endurance, for no more than 4. Use maximum effort during contraction. Voice training requires that you know the exercises. Power is made of both speed and strength.

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Eating day: /3 - carb day is every 3rd
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The Wim Hof Method
These techniques allow superhuman performance.
  1. Wim Hof Breathing
  2. Do this 3× upon waking each morning, when sick or trying superhuman feats.
    1. Inhale fully and quickly, then exhale slowly and gently but not completely. It should feel like more air is coming in than going out
    2. Do this until you feel light-headedness or tingling in the legs or hands
    3. Gently exhale
    4. Hold your breath until you have a strong urge to inhale
    5. Inhale fully
    6. Hold your breath for 15-20 seconds
    7. Breathe normally
  3. Cold Exposure
  4. Regularly
    1. Take cold showers and
    2. Briefly expose yourself to gradually colder temperatures
    All while practicing the breathing technique.

Modified Eating
If your pee isn't clear, drink more water - hydration is just as important as training and recovery. The following recommendations are given in descending order of their effectiveness.
  1. Fasting
    1. Water Fasting
    2. Daily eat half of what you ate the last day, drinking only water, until you only have that. Then, eat again no sooner than 6 days after starting the fast, when feeling hungry again. Start with something extremely light, such as juice, yogurt or soup. Repeat this until you reach your fat-loss goal, or
    3. Intermittent Fasting
    4. Eat all your meals in 1 hour, consuming the same amount of food as you would throughout the day. When you're not eating, your body will use up fat for energy. You won't need as much sleep and will be more alert throughout your day. This is known as the One Meal A Day, or OMAD style of Intermittent Fasting. Do this each power training day, until the next endurance session, and/or
  2. Carb Cycling
  3. Other than intermittent fasting, consume potatoes, bananas, oatmeal and/or rice for carbohydrates only every 3rd day. Avoid supplements with unknown flavouring or sweeteners. Eat the foods listed below as much and as often as possible. This causes your body to use fat instead of carbs for energy on shorter training days, and supports growth on longer ones. Carbohydrates include starch and sugar. High amounts of them are found in grains, pasta, pop, ice cream, cookies, cake, bread, pastry, juice, etc. Do this after each endurance session, until the next power one.
Food TypeConsumeDon't Consume
DrinksWater, milk, sugarless tea and sugarless coffeeAnything else
VegetablesLeafy greens (bok choy, spinach, lettuce), dark leaf kale, radishes, celery stalk, asparagus, cucumber, summer squash (zucchini, spaghetti squash), white, green and red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, fennel, turnips, tomato, eggplantAnything else
FatsPitted olives, real (no carb) mayo, real butter, cottage cheese, full-fat plain yogurt, cheese and sour cream, or any saturated fats that aren't oilsAnything else
ProteinsPastured eggs, wild-caught salmon, offal (kidney, heart, organ meats), casein with no sugar addedAnything else
FruitsAvacado, lemon, lime, coconutAnything else
CondimentsReal (no carb) mayo, mustard, pesto, sugarless tomato puree/ketchupAnything else
Spices and herbsAllN/A
NutsMacadamiaAnything else
SweetenersSteviaAnything else

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