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With no equipment, supplements or drugs and mere minutes a day, you can consistently increase bone density, speed, strength and/or endurance and muscle, all while losing fat. Inform your physician about wanting to do isometric exercises, which is muscle tension without motion, before starting if you have any heart problems. Within this page, overcoming isometrics is when you push or pull an immovable resistance, TUT means time under tension, and target(s) refers to the muscle(s) focused on during an exercise. To download and use this on a newer android phone, first open your phone, go to settings > general > apps > (your browser) > permissions > storage > enable. Then download it using the side menu here, open the internet browser on your phone, and type in "file:///sdcard/", followed by the path and filename of this page on your phone into the address bar at the top. Unfortunately, the voice feature may not work properly for the online version, but it does work for copies stored your phone.

Choose all that you want:
Include Objective?Minimum Daily Workout Minute(s)
Power and endurance0
Endurance and muscle0
Power is exerting a high degree of strength in a short amount of time. For bodybuilding purposes, choose both of the above objectives, and follow the fat loss plan if needed.

If the power and endurance or endurance and muscle objectives are checked, along with train every day, then strength is listed between.
Train every day
Below is automatically cycled on a daily basis.

Training and Irradiation
Do each exercise for the listed sets once. Maximal effort is required for them all of them, except for the neck ones and the endurance and muscle objective. Use moderate effort for the neck, slowly increasing tension each session. There are 4 sets of increasing tension for endurance and muscle, with continuous contraction the entire time. The 1st set is 1 quarter effort, the 2nd half, 3rd 3 quarters and 4th max. If you can't go the entire time, just try to increase your time each session. Try changing angles slightly if you don't feel the target(s) contracting. Use relaxed breathing, counting in mississippis, until you count up to the TUT, then do the next set. This is to avoid developing high blood pressure, which could lead to a heart attack. Memorize all exercises before using voice training. A voice will countdown from the TUT to 1, then say the next set number. It will repeat this process for a count matching the listed sets. Relax after it says "1", then contract when the countdown starts again. Do only as many sets as it takes to weaken the target(s). Perform the same number of sets for both sides of the body. If you only want strength, or don't have much time or energy, but want to train still, simply do 1 set for each exercise of the power and endurance objective each day, which takes 3 minutes. Feel free to do the exercises sitting or laying down.

Exercise TypeTechnique
Upper bodyMake tight fists, or use firm grips
Lower bodySqueeze bum together, thrust hips forward, and pull chest slightly to hips with abs
This increases the available strength of the target(s).

Objective: None
Exercise TUT: 0 second(s) × 0 set(s)
Minimum duration: 0 minute(s)
To stop the voice, reload the page.
Round(s) done: 00 Each workout counts as 1 round.

Iso is short for isometric. The voice will start with selection.
Set(s) done: 000

Fat Loss
Only do these if you have excess fat that you want to lose. The ketogenic diet alone only works for 2 weeks. If you want to lose fat faster, use both methods of fat loss, eating normally 2 days each week. This spikes your anabolic hormones for those 2 days, allowing growth.

Intermittent Fasting
Daily decrease how much food, besides water, that you have each morning, until it's only water. Eat only within a maximum of an 8-hour time window between fasting for at least 16 hours, including sleep. Try to train at most an hour before eating. Feel free to eat more than normal for a day, but within the 8-hour window.

Ketogenic Diet
Eating this way causes your body to use fat instead of carbs for energy. Carbohydrates include starch and sugar. High amounts of them are found in grains, pasta, pop, ice cream, cookies, cake, bread, pastry, juice, etc.
Food TypeConsumeDon't Consume
DrinksWater, milk, sugarless tea and coffeeAnything else
VegetablesLeafy greens (bok choy, spinach, lettuce), dark leaf kale, radishes, celery stalk, asparagus, cucumber, summer squash (zucchini, spaghetti squash), white, green and red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, fennel, turnips, tomato, eggplantAnything else
FatsPitted olives, olive oil, real (no carb) mayo, real butter, cottage cheese, full-fat plain yogurt, cheese and sour cream, or any saturated fatsAnything else
ProteinsPastured eggs, wild-caught salmon, offal (kidney, heart, organ meats), casein with no sugar addedAnything else
FruitsAvacado, lemon, lime, coconutAnything else
CondimentsReal (no carb) mayo, mustard, pesto, sugarless tomato puree/ketchupAnything else
Spices and herbsAllN/A
NutsMacadamiaAnything else
SweetenersStevia, coconut sugarAnything else
One day each week go off the diet.

The Science
In the 1920's, scientists studying the effects of inactivity on muscles revealed something startling. In one experiment, using 2 groups of frogs, they tightly bound 1 leg of each of 1 group, preventing all movement. They kept them bound for a long time. They discovered that the bound legs of the bound group were significantly larger and more muscular than the control group of frogs which had unbound legs. The scientists sought to figure out what happened. The frogs that had their legs bound strained against the bindings to get free. This contracting resulted in incredible muscular growth. But, it wasn't until two German physiologists, Hettinger and Muller, in 1953, applied this to healthy individuals, and measured the strength increases with a dynamometer. What was amazing about the research is that Hettinger and Muller discovered that an intense contraction against a immovable object increased the subject's strength by as much as 5% per week! The contraction was only held for 6 seconds, and done only once a day. Later on these results were substantiated by dozens of other researchers.

In Depth
The Great Gama, Bruce Lee and Alexander Zass all trained daily using overcoming isometrics. These poeple were all known for unheard of strength. This works by pitting muscles against either other muscles or your skeleton, both of which offer either equal or greater resistance than the target(s). Training with high intensity, for brief moments, repeatedly and infrequently, results in rapid muscle growth. Because static exercise does not require much energy, more sets can be easily done than typically. In fact, you can go far beyond failure, or when a target weakens, since there is no weight. Be free of the lies that health culture's popular advocates use to keep you in the hamster wheel of conventional diet and exercise for their personal gain. The only reason these methods are not widely known is there is no physical product to sell. As there is little money to be made, mainstream health gurus describe them only in dismissive terms. Read on to learn how to use this free physical program I made and use myself. This form of exercise prevents injury, as there is no strained motion of the joints or tendons. It's merely a myth that strength gains are limited to a certain joint angle range when training this way. As long as you don't neglect to train any muscle groups, this program will improve your strength over your full range of motion. Cardio in entirely unnecessary, as the heart works extra hard to try and get blood into statically contracting muscle. The blood is squeezed out while tensing. When the muscle relaxes, it becomes flooded with blood, and growth factors like growth hormone and testosterone, which support adaptation.

Technical Details
This system utilizes overcoming isometrics, using your body as resistance. The results are rapid increases in bone density, speed, strength and/or endurance and muscle. A technique called irradiation is employed to instantly add to available strength. For fat loss, intermittent fasting[?] and a ketogenic diet[?] are included. The training schedule is based on a gymnast's. The objectives related to endurance have a TUT per exercise matching the maximum of that used by Timed Static Contraction. The strength-related objectives TUT come from the maximum isometric contraction duration.

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