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This page uses software certified for securing top secret information for governments around the world and both makes and handles links containing encrypted (password-protected) data. You can use it to secure files on your computer, online communication and/or lists of passwords where you only need to remember one to encrypt and decrypt the others. Password generation requires LIA to be in the same folder as this web page. Image storage of data requires Stealth Data Processor to be in the same folder also.

You can program the pages execution using the query string part of the URL (link) that took you here. Use "d="[text] to set data to [text] or "e="[text] to set email to [text].

Technical Details
First, the plaintext (original data) and password are used to produce a HMAC-SHA512. Secondly, just the plaintext is compressed with Deflate. Next, both password and plaintext are encrypted with a quasi-one-time pad. Optionally, it is encrypted again using a counter-mode implementation of AES. Then, everything is encapsulated with the ciphertext (encrypted data) and encoded. Finally, each line is wrapped (separated with line breaks) to a maximum length of 57 characters per line.

Password: @ 0% strength
Password generation requires LIA to be in the same folder as this web page.
The checkbox just below allows the end of the plaintext to be cut off at characters for converting data to a link or for data-to-email conversion.
Cut ends off of plaintext so that links emails made by this page work.
Otherwise, it might not be read properly by the email client or browser that opens it.
There is no size limit on data copied manually into email software and/or webmail.

Importable from a link or file, it is either plaintext (intelligible, before encryption) or ciphertext (encrypted).

Files only load in Firefox or Chrome and some file types won't properly decrypt.

Data length is 0 character(s).

Last decrypted ciphertext was created never.

Download the data, or as an email to:

This is a demo page as it uses an insecure connection.
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