Disclaimer, Conditions and Copyright

  1. Disclaimer

    1. This agreement may be altered at any time without warning, as is this author's exclusive right.
    2. All violations are to be met with maximum legal action.
    3. This legally binding document applies to every person and entity who have viewed, read, quoted from and/or used any intellectual property
    4. including but not limited to imagery, poetry, groupings, sequences and/or arrangements of references to recorded textual, biblical, allegorical, musical, philosophical, mythological, digital, symbolic, textual and/or spoken forms of expression and/or presentation of concepts and/or facts bearing this author's copyright.
    5. The originator is in no way responsible for any assumptions, misinformation, distortions, associated decisions or consequences.
    6. Every uncopyrighted image, sound, music, video, document, fact, work and/or expression of any form linked with, embedded, streamed or referenced not originating from such artist is entirely exempt from this agreement but may include similar restrictions from their own creators.

  2. Conditions

    1. No person, group or entity may share, express or use for derivative or teaching purposes anything containing any of this creator's original digital art or intellectual property,
    2. including but not limited to poetry, imagery and patterns or arrangements of links and concepts in any sense except
      1. after negotiating a fair price and
      2. paying for permission from the author in-person and
      3. keeping complete name and copyright of this author in every derivative and inspired work with absolutely no duplication of any idea, except
      4. key words, phrases and/or links to content

  3. Copyright

    1. Unless as outlined in the conditions,
    2. every inspired, derivative and/or referencing work, expression and presentation
    3. including or citing any original key word, concept, phrase, pattern or arrangement of references to such intellectual property must cite said originator.
This does not apply to anything before August 2014.

Feel free to share any comments, questions and concerns via the contact info found here.

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