The Father and Me

I'm not officially trained in any biblical fields; however, those who have a spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ, God's word made flesh, based on what he says in the bible can invoke, in his authority, the power of his Holy Spirit, which lives inside them. The following stories are all completely real events from my life which exemplify that truth. Although some attempts at healing etcetera are unsuccessful, probably because I'm still learning about it, the ones that did work are included in order to inspire trust in Jesus Christ.

Soon after being born, my earthly father dedicated me to God. "Every thing that opens the matrix in all flesh, which they bring unto The Lord, whether it be of men or beasts, will be yours: nevertheless the firstborn of man will you surely redeem, and the firstling of unclean beasts will you redeem" - Numbers 18:15.

I used to get motion sickness when taking long road trips. One of these times I asked God to heal me of it. The nausea ceased and I haven't had motion sickness since.

After graduation, I lived in Kelowna working on Big White as a construction labourer in the winter. During one of the trips down the mountain in the boss' suburban, it began spinning out of control. I calmly said a prayer in my head and the vehicle stopped spinning, with the front facing the right direction.

When I was still in working under ZA in construction, I told a fellow worker that if he died without accepting Jesus he would go to hell. He died not long after that of a motorcycle accident and I do hope he accepted Jesus before then. His name was Corey.

Soon after ceasing construction work, I decided to memorize every bible verse that was vague or related to nature, in order to allow me to think in ambiguous ways. The reason was so that I could make poetry about MS, who I'm no longer attracted to, as she is married, and so now consider a sister. After a few weeks of doing this for the majority of each day, I had a taste of God's love. I felt both undeserving and intensely thankful for what he had done for me on the cross with Jesus, and a love for me, which both caused me to fall down and start shaking and crying out of joy. My website was inspired by those verses, which are the heart of it. The aim of my website is to touch others in the same way that I was by God.

It seemed as though it was going to be just another Sunday. After waking, my step-father said "We're going to church." I said something to the effect of "I don't feel like going." "I think it's a good idea that you come," he replied. I said "Alright," as I'm not usually very argumentative. After showers and breakfast, we all piled into the family suburban and headed for The Lion of Judah church, which is now known as LifeTree. We sang worship songs and listened to the sermon. After the message and another round of singing most people could be seen milling about and conversing together, except for me. I was just waiting patiently to go home, when someone I'd never met before introduced themselves, saying "Hi, I'm C, do you need any healing?" "Yes," I replied, "my back hurts." You see, I had previously lifted two heavy dumbbells off the floor recently, in order to do some training, when I felt a tweak in my lower back. I immediately put them back down and noted a tightening in my lower spinal muscles. During the ensuing days, it became apparent to me that I had somehow injured myself by lifting the dumbbells awkwardly. Instead of bending at the midsection, I felt a tightness with cracking sounds. The tightness just wouldn't leave. Touching my toes was an impossibility due to the pain, or so I thought. To continue, C said "Stand up," which I did. He placed his hand on my back and told it to heal, and after a few minutes, it was starting to loosen up. I could touch my toes again! I said "It's getting better!" "Let me show you something else," he replied. Then he said "Sit down and lift your legs up," and I did. He explained how most back problems are caused by uneven legs. It is normal to have an uneven skeleton. He then told me to straighten my legs, which I did. To my right leg, the shorter one, he said "Leg, lengthen!" I observed it do as he commanded, with him urging it on, saying "More, more," until it was the same length as the left. Afterwards, he explained that because he has The Holy Spirit living in him, he has access to the same healing power as Jesus Christ displayed while on earth. He mentioned that he still sometimes swears, had no training whatsoever and that every Christian could do the same, but that few realize it. My family was ready to go, so we parted.

I have tried healing acts a few times, one on a transient who had foot rot, another on someone who had pain all over from a particularly bad fall and the third on someone with shoulder and neck pain. All incidents were met with success, the second with tears of thanks for relief of pain.

Another spiritual event involved brief but severe moments of depression. During one of these attacks, Godsword came to me, saying "Those who call on the name of The Lord will be saved." The Lord is Jesus, so I quietly said "Jesus" in my room and had immediate relief from the negative memories and feelings. I have had to do that a few more times, but have not had to deal with it since then. Jesus healed me of depression.

Every once in a while The Holy Spirit reminds me of bible verses relating to what the pastor at church says, sometimes beating him to the conclusion. I never see his notes, despite his suspicion of such. I told him to take it as confirmation of his message.

During the summer of 2015, while I was living with my parents, I went to Saanichton's Centennial Park to get a tan. As I was laying under the sun, I became angry about North Korean leaders' treatment of those in their country. I prayed that God would punish those responsible for those abuses. Later, in 2017, America tightens sanctions on North Korea, and sends most of its navy to surround it.

On May 31, 2016, I took the bus to visit my mom and step-father in Saanichton. After talking with my mom for a while, my youngest brother IA came, as he lives there. I noticed he was limping, and so I asked him "Are you in pain?" He said "Yeah, I have blisters from walking on my foot," indicating his right one. I explained how I was healed of a shorter leg, and mentioned how others have been healed through me by God. I asked him if he wanted me to try the same on him, and he agreed. I told his pain to leave in Jesus' name, then continued with saying "more, more," many times for about a minute. Then I told him to say "By his stripes I am healed," which he did. I asked him "How's that feel?" to which he replied "Wow, the pain's gone! I honestly didn't think anything would happen!"

In 2016, I predicted that "The Lord is really going to bless you," to someone who was going through much difficulty. Not even a year later, she got married, and no one saw it coming, not even her!

In January of 2017, I had a particularly bad headache for most of the day, and nothing I did to relieve it worked. I said "by his wounds I am healed," and it was instantly gone!

In 2008, I was diagnosed with a pilonidal sinus, which is essentially an inside-out bubble of skin underneath normal skin. The cyst became infected over time, so I had surgery on it, but all they could do was cut into it so it would drain. After a while I became tired of popping it so it would drain, I decided to thank God in advance for causing it to come out repeatedly, until it did. On the morning of September first, I found 2 little shrivelled things near where the sinus used to drain, which was the core of it. Thankful prayer works very well!

A few years ago, possibly in 2015/2016, my sister in The Lord and close friend, RS, mentioned how her mother was so very kind to her over the phone, and how she thought of me then. She asked me if I prayed for her, as she requested during our previous conversation, and I said that I did.

During August of 2017, my other good friend and sister in The Lord TK described how her upstairs neighbour, BM, was harassing her, trashing her things and turned off the water. After a few weeks of hearing this, I became angry that someone would treat her like that. I decided to bring this anger to God in prayer, asking him to fill TK's neighbour with terror at the thought of mistreating her again. On September 10th, TK told me how he wouldn't even look at her, and was straight and rigid during their entire conversation, as if expecting danger. Soon after more mistreatment by BM, there was a fire after TK moved out, and BM lost everything he owned, aside from the clothes on his back. He's now completely homeless and unemployed. Bring the contents of your heart to God in prayer and be amazed!

While living with my aunt, SP, in September of 2017, she mentioned that she was going to try and get her doctor to give her a prescription for a long-acting pain-killer for her damaged lower back. She asked me to pray for that, and I did. Now she has what she asked for - less pain, thanks to God.

Later that same month, I was in TK's car when she suddenly got a tension headache. I placed my hand on her neck and said "Tension leave in Jesus' name, more, more, more, more." Then I told her to say "by Jesus' wounds I am healed," which she did. We repeated this process twice more, and about 5 minutes later, the headache was gone.

On November 12th, 2017, another healing event occurred, this time at church. My friend and brother in The Lord, MJ, recently had surgery in which his right side was pierced in 3 separate locations, along his rib cage. This was done to take biopsies, or samples of lung tissue, as he was having trouble breathing. He was in so much pain when he came to church that he couldn't lower his right arm entirely, as the pressure would cause intense discomfort. He told another brother and mutual friend, JO, who got me and F, who is also a friend and brother in The Lord, to lay hands on MJ as JO prayed in agreement over his pain with us, and told it to leave in Jesus' name. This went on for about 2-4 minutes, and when we were done, MJ had no pain whatsoever!

November 19th, 2017 - yet another healing event happened in church. My friend and brother in The Lord, JP, had a sore and stiff left rotator cuff. I asked him if He wanted me to pray/command away the pain and stiffness in his shoulder, and JP agreed. I spoke applicable bible verses at the pain in his shoulder, telling it to leave in Jesus' name, while thanking God in Jesus' name for the healing before it happened. After about a minute, it was mostly healed. He then showed me that He still had limited range of motion, and I explained to him how sometimes, healing takes more than one attempt, and asked JP if He wanted me to try more, to which he agreed. After another minute or so of speaking scripture at his injury, the pain and stiffness were completely healed. Praying, combined with commanding a situation to improve in Jesus' name and speaking applicable bible verses to it really works!

I had a worsening headache all day during February 22nd of 2018. It was so bad, that by the time dinner was over, I went to bed immediately. After a while of not being able to sleep, and tossing and turning, I chose to repeat "By his wounds I am healed," over and over, silently in my mind, until finally, the pain was gone entirely, and I drifted off to sleep in peace.

On May the 20th, 2018, after watching some of Torben Sondergaard's Youtube videos, I decided that I wanted to be baptized in and fully filled with The Holy Spirit, along with speak in tongues. So, after talking it over with my Mom, she suggested I go to The Victoria Miracle Centre's Miracle Cafe, held on Sundays in View Royal. I ended up being there quite early, but SM was there to let me in, as she helps out there. After being introduced to D, the pastor, I told him about how I had experience in healing, but had always needed to do so in my own effort, quoting scripture at whatever was the matter, wanted to be able to command healing in Jesus' name with The Holy Spirit, which is far more powerful and efficient, had been baptized in water, and now wanted to be baptized in The Holy Spirit. He said we could do that after the service that day, during which I spoke in tongues. The best way I can describe it is your speaking an unfamiliar language without thinking about it, and I can now do so whenever I want to. I even got to try healing on Donna, who goes there and later said that she had never walked that much before. The Holy Spirit is awesome!

After a few days of having a tight tendon in my left ankle, on May the 30th, I had had enough. I decided to heal it. I next told it to heal in Jesus' name and the tightness subsided somewhat, so I went back into the library. A few hours later, the tightness completely left. Praise God!

Apollonia Juma, a lady living in Africa, added me on Facebook. On May the 31st, she asked me to pray - read, command healing - for a growth in her stomach. I typed out what I did to her in messages - spoke in tongues and told it to disappear in Jesus' name. I asked her how it was, and she said it shrank a small portion. I then did the same again, but also thanking God for causing it to constantly shrink, which it started doing, and 5 minutes later, she was completely healed! Jesus is healing from not just sin, but also illness and death!

On Sunday, August 12th of 2018 at The Victoria Miracle Centre, my current church, one of the visiting pastors, Bryan I think his name was, asked me to pray with him for someone after I mentioned I'm trying to have a healing ministry. I agreed, and then God told me to point my finger around at a little old lady named Donna we were praying for. As I did that, I prayed in my mind that she would feel God's love to the point of tears, and she started crying out of joy a few moments later. I've felt God's overwhelming love for me 2 or 3 times throughout my life, and I can tell you, once you get a taste of that, you're settled in your heart, and you have peace :)

During August 13th to 15th of 2018, I was attacked by rejection and depression, which brought paranoia. It all caused many tears and silly online actions. I hadn't had to deal with it for so long that I forgot to tell it to leave. Finally, on the 17th, I decided in my heart that I didn't want it, and was completely free a few hours later.

On October 2nd of 2018, after arriving at Camosun's Interurban Library, I came down with dysentery during the afternoon. Soon after, I took the bus to go home. At home, I recalled that Yah, who is God, in me, laughs at The Devil. The Devil causes all disease, damage, pain and loss. So I laughed, placed my hand on my stomach, and said "by Yah's stripes, I already have been healed, so all evil spirits infecting me and giving life to sickness, leave immediately in Yah's name." I then said "all bacteria and viruses in me, continuously die off at an exponentially accelerating rate." Then I had a bowl of oatmeal. My digestion problems are now gone, thanks to Yah, praise him!

During 2018's November, a while after my uncle described the One Whole Heart's healing technique to me at my grandmother's 91st birthday, I tried it on myself. A few days later, I found that I no longer had any urge to use pornography or feel myself. Yah set me free of these destructive coping mechanisms that I relied on for 28 years, ever since related trauma. Currently, it's been 2 weeks since I've done either. Praise Yah!

Later on in November, I decided to start tithing, which means giving up at least 10% of all income to God, who is Yah. Then, on the 9th of December, a Sunday, Prophetess and Evangelist Jane Jones came to my church, and told me that I would be a provider. I was very thankful for that, as I always liked getting things for people, but never had enough money to do that. On the Friday after that, I was walking to Westshore Town Centre, to deposit a cheque. On the way, I decided to get some food at Quality Foods. Waiting in line to pay, there was a girl trying to pay for a meal just in front of me, looking to be only about 12 or 13 years old. She was attempting repeatedly to pay using her phone, and I saw that it was cracked. Because she was looking around at the rest of the line anxiously, and Yah told me to pay for her food, I did. I then paid for my own. I want Yah, who is God, to get the glory for this, because it wasn't my idea, it was his. Don't forget to praise him for provision. "Every good and perfect gift comes down from The Father of Lights, who's generosity will never change" - James 1:17.

I was given another word from prophetess Jane Jones, too. She said that I should find out about the blood of Jesus, and that doing so would allow God to take something from me, a thing I didn't want or need. A while later, I mentioned this to my mom and step-dad, so they lent me "The Blood and The Glory," by Billye Brim, which I devoured. During December of 2018, I began applying and pleading an oversaturation of the blood, first over Canada, then, later on, all the Earth, both inhabitants and property, water, land and skies. That same month, locusts, crickets and cockroaches began swarming Islam's holiest mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the capital of Islam. That is also where Muslims from all over the Earth travel to on their pilgrimage, the hajj. God is awesome.

In January of 2019, after adding "such that Yahushuah shuts doors that none can open, and opens doors that none can shut" to my calling down of his blood, I told Yah that I was weary of school and having to continually strain towards living the kind of life I want to. He then drew my attention to Revelation 3:7-13. I asked for confirmation. Then, the day after I stopped complaining, fallstreak holes appearing near where I live. Yah, who is God, cares about you just as much.

On the evening of February the 12th, 2019, Apollonia, a Facebook friend who lives in Africa and sometimes asks me to pray for her, contacted me about needing prayer for sickness. So, I prayed, typing, then saying "I apply and plead an overflow of the blood of Yahushua over and in Apollonia and all aspects of her life, such that she becomes continuously well instantly. Also, Yah, thank you for doing so, in that way, as we both know that you care about her, and feel her suffering. All evil spirits giving life to any disease in Apollonia, leave her immediately in Yahushua's name, and don't return. I break any witchcraft that may be affecting her with the power of Yahushuah's blood. Leave Apollonia alone, Satan, in Jesus' name," then I spoke in tongues. The next morning, she told me her pain was gone. Yah, who is God, cares.

Sometime between February the 15th and 20th of 2019, I was thinking of how difficult my life has always been, with struggling all the way. I sighed out of frustration, then instantly Yah reminded me of "'For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise,' says The Yah; 'I will set him in safety from him that puffs at him'" - Psalm 12:5. In this context, to puff at someone is to condemn them extravagantly. I struggle, and God cares about those that do.

Over the years, various people who have wounded me in the past have died, including SW from Stelly's Secondary School, TR from Mt. Newton McDonald's and WM from Bayside Middle School. I had nothing to do with it, and in fact hope that their families are doing alright now. I believe that it was The Father taking vengeance out on others, on my behalf. "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says The Lord" - Romans 12:19. "To me belongs vengeance and recompence; their foot will slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that will come upon them make haste" - Deuteronomy 32:35. "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long-suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance" - 2 Peter 3:9. Repentance simply means turning from sin to God. "Whatsoever is not of faith is sin" - Romans 14:23. Faith is another word for trust, in this case in God, and there are varying degrees of it.

On March 29th of 2019, I typed, then prayed "Every evil spirit and fallen angel, I bind you and command you to go to the abyss now, and stay, and Satan, I bind you and command that you go to the bottomless pit, be sealed in it, and only leave after a millennium, in Yahushua's name, Amen." I then chose to speak in tongues for a bit.

On March 31st of 2019, as I was waiting at a bus stop to head to church, someone sat down on the bench. I noticed that he had his wrist wrapped up, so I said "God can heal you. Do you want me to pray for you?" Darsh agreed, so I tried a few different ways, and by the end, he no longer needed to keep it wrapped up. We both got on the same bus, so, as we were sitting near each other, I tried introducing Jesus to him, saying that Jesus stated "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to The Father, but by me," but he kept on saying that all religions are the same. Then I said "so you're calling Jesus a liar, then?" to which he started flustering about with flailing body language, repeating the same as he said before. I didn't know what else to say, but hope I at least planted a seed.

On April 8th of 2019, I typed, then prayed "Satan, The Father in me rebukes you according to Malachi 3:10-11 for all the times of taking my health and/or finances, and now that I caught you, you must repay sevenfold in the same areas you stole, according to Proverbs 6:31, immediately, in Jesus' name, Amen." I then spoke in tongues.

April 20th of 2019, I was feeling depressed again all morning, to the point of teary eyes. Before coming out of my room, I applied and plead the blood, and commanded the spirit of depression to leave me alone. Not even 5 minutes later, I was feeling just fine. There's power in the blood of Jesus.

Around April 23rd of 2019, I went to Saint Anthony's Medical Centre. On the way home, waiting at the bus stop, I met a guy named Kyle, who had a wrist injury from work. We got to talking, and eventually I told him that God could heal his wrist. I then asked him if he wanted me to pray for it, which he accepted. All he had was some stiffness, so I prayed that it loosen. It worked! God cares about every human, just as much.

On May 18th of 2019, I had an indigestion headache all afternoon. I tried a few different healing techniques on it, to no avail. A few hours later, God gave me the idea to speak, prophesying healing as follows: "Stomach, you will immediately resume digesting as if indigestion never happened, or I'm not a man of God." It soon worked, as my headache subsided and stomach continued to digest normally. Listen to that still, small voice.

During the 14th of June 2019, my soon-to-be roommate and friend, TK, invited me over, mentioning on the way that her current tenant, M, who was moving out to make room for me, was being uncooperative and belligerant. She asked me to talk with M, as I also had experience in similar mental difficulties, to what he was going through. After I arrived, M and I introduced to each other, then we went outside to talk. After a while, it came out that his left leg was shorter than the other. I asked him to level his hips with knees straight and together. Indicating the shorter leg, I said "I apply and plead an overflow of the blood of Jesus over and in this leg, such that it lengthens to match the other one," urging it on with "more, more," as it lengthened, eventually matching the other. I then got M to stand up, asked him how that felt, and he said his hips were straight now. Afterwards, I asked him how it felt that Jesus would heal him, that he cared about M. I hope that a seed was planted, like what happened to me, which lead me to begin healing others with The Holy Spirit.

On June 23rd of 2019, my friend TK invited me to come with her to The Mustard Seed for church, after my church's service. After the Mustard Seed's service, I ended up talking to Dave Wass, who had an injured left shin. I said to him that I've done healing before, and asked him if he wanted me to try it on him, to which he agreed. After the first attempt, which was unsuccessful, The Holy Spirit reminded me of a healing technique that I once saw in a Youtube video. So, I tried it, which involved placing my hand on the target area to be healed, and internally asking The Holy Spirit inside me to pray for healing. When that was done, he said the swelling went down greatly, and the pain was almost gone.

Jesus said "I am The Way, The Truth and The Life - no one comes to The Father except through me." I can tell you from personal experience that those who have accepted that Jesus Christ died as a replacing sacrifice for their sins, and rose to life three days later and ascended into heaven, can wield the power of his spirit because of him today!

Isaiah 61:13
1 The Spirit of The Yah God is upon me; because The Yahuwah has anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;
2 To proclaim the acceptable year of The Yahuwah, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn.
3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of The Yahushua, that he might be glorified.

1 Corinthians 2:4-5
4 And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of The Spirit and of power:
5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.
4:20 For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

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